¿Libertades a cambio de seguridad?

Jesus Cea Avion


Desde hace años existe un debate en EE.UU. sobre el uso privado de la criptografía para asegurar la confidencialidad de las comunicaciones entre particulares. El argumento de los que están en contra es que si una comunicación está cifrada, las fuerzas del orden no pueden espiarlas para detectar actividades criminales. Proponen o bien prohibir la criptografía por ley, o dotar a los programas criptográficos de Puertas Traseras.

Palabras clave

Libertades; Seguridad; Criptografía; Atentados

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Red Rock Eater News Service

House Bill Would Expand Federal Detention Powers

Defining Terrorism Stirs Words of Dispute

Statement on Terrorism, Civil Liberties, and the Internet

Don't Blame the Internet

analysis of the anti-hacking provisions of the proposed anti-terrorism act

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the very dangerous attacks on Bill Maher

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the followers of John Adams are bringing back the Alien and Sedition Acts

conservative dupes learn what they really voted for

Anti-Terrorism Bill Hits Snag on the Hill

Florida Task Force's Recommendation: Give State Police Added Power

USACM letter regarding encryption controls

pro-Carnivore column employing several jargon techniques

Net Freedom Fears "Hurt Terror Fight"

Detecting Steganographic Content on the Internet

Bill Introduced to Encourage Public-Private Information Sharing

documents relevant to Homeland Defense

radio story and background article about new high-tech spy planes (when they fly over Afghanistan, it's a

war story; here, it's civil liberties)

Challenges for the Supreme Court in the Wake of Terrorism

House Panel Approves Bill Expanding Surveillance

the anti-terrorism bill

analysis of the bill

argument against racial profiling in the investigation

Senator Feinstein Urges Major Changes in US Student Visa Program

Democracy in Wartime

Can the New York Times Count -- or Quote -- Peace Activists?

A Battle-Ready Net?

What Went Wrong (with the CIA)

Unscreened Ground Crews Add to Flying Jitters

White House, Senate Reach Agreement on Anti-Terrorism Bill

Terror Laws Near Votes in House and Senate

Ashcroft Pushes Stronger Antiterrorism Bill

Toward a Balanced Terrorism Bill

Proposed Legislation Significantly Affecting the Computer Profession

Consortium Responds to More Restrictive Access to Visas by Non-Immigrants

Report Warns of Rights Abuse Risk

Viisage Selected to Deploy the First Face-Recognition System in a US Airport

Nixed "Holy War" Web Site Offered PGP Encryption Key

Massive Search Reveals No Secret Code in Web Images

Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities

Securing the Lines of a Wired Nation

Immigrants' Driver's License Bill a Victim of Terrible Timing

Muslim Leaders Condemn Thatcher Attack,1300,563247,00.html

"in America, history shows, war does not override the calculus of politics"

Bill to Boost Defendants' Rights in Italy Hinders Terrorism War (Berlusconi and his cronies are changing

criminal law to protect themselves)

Senate Favors Federal Airport Screeners

Three Political Websites Downed After Government "Homeland Security" Threat

Activists and Companies Confront Face Recognition Software

Carnivore Substitute Keeps Feds Honest

New FTC Head Wants "Pause" in Push for Privacy Laws,4125,NAV47_STO64453,00.html

Zero-Knowledge Shelves Anonymity Tool (that sort of thing probably can't work unless it is built in)

Seeking Sunlight for a Prisoner in the Chinese Gulag

argument for a sunset clause in the anti-terrorism bill

Do New Anti-Terrorism Proposals Pass Constitutional Muster?

argument against Bush's proposals to restrict civil liberties

The Terrorism Bill Does Too Much and Not Enough

Leahy on "Protecting Constitutional Freedoms in the Face of Terrorism"

text of the Senate's anti-terrorism bill

Indefinite Detention Based Upon Suspicion Under the New Anti-Terrorism Act

Surveillance Warrants Keep Secret Court Busy

concerns about efforts to revise government controls on strong encryption

overly-broad definition of "terrorism" in the Administration's proposal

ACLU Calls New Senate Terrorism Bill Significantly Worse

"Sunset Clause" Could Trip Up Anti-Terror Bill

Judge Strikes Down Parts of 1996 Terrorism Law

Paul Wolfowitz wants to replace Posse Comitatus (add up their proposals and you're well on the way to martial law)

Britain as a Cautionary Tale for a New Age of Surveillance

Florida's Continued Alert Status Criticized

recommendations to help secure computing infrastructure against attacks

hard-to-evaluate claim that the hijackers used steganography

The Supreme Court Returns to a Changed Legal Landscape

Censorship After 9/11: The Bill Maher "Coward" Comment

FBI testimony to the Senate about terrorist groups

Senator Rethinks Stance on Students

FAA, Airlines Stalled Major Security Plans

Watchdog Sites Shut Down in Interest of National Security

Security Breaches Vary Widely at US Airports

Tighter Airport Security Is Just a Flight of Fancy

criticism of UK's anti-terrorism legislation

House Votes for More Spy Aid and to Pull in Reins on Inquiry

conservative support for the extreme provisions of the anti-terrorism bill

A High-Tech Home Front (including criticism of face recognition systems) (may not work under Netscape, or Explorer either for that matter)

National ID Cards: One Size Fits All

New Slogan in Washington: Watch What You Say ("a suspension of freedom unlike anything since World War II")

Demonizing Dissent

Now We Really Need Rights,6903,564633,00.html


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